print and digital collateral

Get it in the palm of their hands and keep them in yours.

Print and digital collateral – it’s going to the mailbox and getting a surprise. And instead of your customer saying “you shouldn’t have,” they’ll be saying, “where have you been?” Yeah, we love our 720×1280 pixel world, but on occasion we want to be influenced by something bigger, bolder and outside the box (or screen). A message that can’t be ignored is a message that can’t be denied. So go big and go home — into the homes and hands of qualified leads. For beautiful creative to leap off the page it first needs a page to leap from. A printed page. Or a dimensional mailer. Or a thingamajig. Or a you name it. And if you can’t name it, we’ll create it and name it for you. Innovate and invent. That’s what we do at Vomela, where more meets the eye. And creative meets commerce.


•  Online client libraries and content tracking systems to keep your project organized

•  Multichannel marketing solutions to help make sure your print and digital marketing campaigns work together

•  Demonstrated quality at every turn, so you get superior customer service and streamlined processes

•  Much more


Your data is safe with us. Vomela has been certified as SOC 2 (types 1 & 2) compliant by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). In addition we are HIPAA certified.

But what do all these acronyms and abbreviations mean? One thing–data security. In our business, sensitive client information is critical to success. Our pledge is to protect it while keeping costs down.


Explore print and digital collateral solutions for successful
branded environments and activations.

Elmhurst College

Elk Grove Graphics, a Vomela Company, worked with Elmhurst College to create a unique and engaging multichannel marketing campaign to reach potential students.

Midwest Community Hospital

When a Midwest community hospital needed assistance in building patient engagement, they turned to Chicago-based Elk Grove Graphics, a Vomela network company, to assist them.