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Learn how we work and how we can bring your ideas to life

Intelligent Mailing

We have solutions that provide improved response rates and more effective customer interaction.

The Vomela Beauty Brochure

Transform ideas into memorable brand experiences with The Vomela Companies.

Vomela Commercial Group

The Vomela Commercial Group brings together the capabilities and experience of three different brands: Master Print, Elk Grove Graphics, and Tepel Brothers.

2021 Print Marketing Trends

We take a look at some of the exciting new developments our customers can look forward to in 2021.

Cavaliers Outdoor Banner

Cleveland Cavaliers banner hanging in downtown Cleveland on the side of the Sherwin-williams global headquarters.

Pop & Promotion

You’re confident that once someone tries your product, they’ll love it. And a creative, attention-grabbing Point of Purchase (POP) marketing will help you convince them to try it.

Collateral & Commercial

Product launch? Big Event? Sales Support materials? If you can imagine it, you can count on The Vomela Companies to flawlessly bring your vision to life.

Cardboard Display Base

This cardboard ECOBASE Stand is a great option for a more eco-friendly product compared to the heavy metal feet most often used for events.

Portable Desk Shield

The three-paneled partition folds flat and features a handle at the top for easy transport from classroom to classroom.

Stadium Graphics Package

Safety first as events reopen. From bathrooms to seating, stadiums are finding creative ways to keep employees and fans safe.

QSR Reopen Safely

Communicate your curbside pickup and social distancing rules with signs! From floor graphics to banners and window signage, we have a solution for you.

Return To School Safely

Safety first as schools reopen, from the school bus to the classroom, schools are finding creative ways to keeps kids and teachers safe.

Safety Products and Signage

We are producing facial masks, social distancing signage, safety signs, sneeze guards, and curbside pickup signage.

Tell Your Story with Vomela

The world’s most powerful brands are iconic – instantly recognizable and carefully crafted.

Capturing Attention

Capture customers’ attention in busy spaces requires a thoughtful approach.

Importance of Branding in Higher Education - Video

Branding For Higher Ed

A strong school brand encourages students, faculty, alumni, and fans to demonstrate their spirit.

Appalachian State Bus Wrap

To show their school spirit, Appalachian State University wrapped their bus.

NYC Welcomes Spiderman

Kellogg’s transformed their NYC store for the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Treat Aisle Reset with PetCo

Highly visible signage created an experience that would delight dog owners in their search for treats.

Advertise with Fleet Graphics

Fleet graphics are an effective and efficient way to improve brand visibility.

College Marketing

To maximize student engagement, we combined direct mail, print materials, and digital elements.

Constant Creative Innovation

Our design team relies on decades of experience to ensure inspired creative.

5 Retail Design Tips

Capture you customers attention with these effective design tips.

3M HQ Building Wrap

3M wrapped its iconic HQ in St. Paul in a creative, colorful graphics film to highlight their new brand story.

Storytelling with Graphics

Every surface is an opportunity to tell a story. Even a blank surface tells your story.

Fleet Graphics Drive Branding

Fleet graphics are an effective and efficient way to improve brand visibility.

Cafe Makeovers

Boost participation & revenue with a cafeteria makeover – it can impact on your bottom line.

Klik Magic Podium

Save time setting up your display at your next trade show or exhibit with the Klik Magic Podium.

Super Bowl LII Event Branding

As an in-kind partner of the Super Bowl LII Host Committee, we created stunning print graphics.

Retail Wayfinding Tips

A positive customer experience requires effective wayfinding signage for your retail space.

2020 Marketing Trends

Fleet graphics are an effective and efficient way to improve brand visibility.

Window Graphics Considerations and Tips

If you’re looking to display your message loud and clear, window graphics might be right for your business.

Will it Wrap? QSR

Refresh or rebrand QSR/Fast Casual interior surfaces with wraps.

Engaging Patients

A personalized and targeted approach is just one way of improving patient communication and outreach. 

Print Ideas For A&E

Creative print solutions can make or break an art or entertainment event. Most event spaces are pretty nondescript, and it’s up to the organizers to truly transform a room.

Creating Wellness Campaigns

Engage potential patients through compelling direct mail campaigns — from annual visit reminders to awareness campaigns.

Klik SEG Printing & Frames

Silicone Edge Graphics are printed fabric signage with a thin beading sewn around the edges to fit an edgeless frame.

Personalize Bank Direct Mail

Help your customers see their trips to the bank as more than just another errand to check off their to-do list.

Strengthen your brand

Rely on the fundamentals of brand — strong visuals, storytelling, and knowing your customer.

Boxes On Demand

The Box On Demand system is a great sustainable option for packaging in any size, replacing box stock.