social responsibility in graphic design

Sustainable Solutions with Vomela

What began as a set of standards for socially conscious investors, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) are now also being driven by the transformation of supply chain partners. Under our ESG work, we seek out other companies to share, partner and learn, just as others look to align values with Vomela as a supply chain partner.

Sustainable Development Goals

We are aligned with the UN SDGs to better our partnerships and our earth. We believe we are stronger together, and commit to:

• Embracing our role as a valued supply chain partner
• Uniting with downstream supplier partners
• Aligning with our sustainable brands

    UN SDG 4

 Decent Work
  & Economic
   UN SDG 8

    Innovation &
      UN SDG 9

          Cities &
     UN SDG 11

 & Production
    UN SDG 12

The Road to ESG

Corporate ESG Development at our Vomela Headquarters in St. Paul, MN

     LEED Compliant

   3,408 Solar Panels

     Equivalent to powering 200 homes

Sustainable Initiatives

Eliminated year end waste or obsolete boxes and 10%
usage of bubble wrap.

At end of use, our pallets are dismantled, lumber is resized,
and custom pallets and crates are built.

HP Ink supplies are recycled through HP PLanet Partners to
become new products, avoiding oceans or landfills.

Reduce/eliminate toxins, solvents, etc. that are dangerous
to the environment.

Sustainable Projects


Every event needs compelling signage to bring the experience to life for fans. But once the curtain closes or after the scoreboard timer runs out, traditional event signage has a one-way ticket to the landfill. We’re working to change that.

NextCycle is upcycling for the events industry. Through the program, event hosts close the waste loop by giving new life to their used signage as souvenir products ranging from zipper pouches to totes and beyond.

Made exclusively from repurposed event signage designed with the end in mind by Vomela, NextCycle products allow fans to take home a piece of the fun as a keepsake of the memories they’ve made. Following an event, used signage is shipped to Vomela, where it is upcycled into a new product.

Besides helping organizations reduce landfill waste, NextCycle products can supply event hosts with promotional swag to sell to attendees, memorable gifts to give to partners and sponsors, or even unique in-kind donations to support social impact programs.

Contact us to learn how your business can make greener events possible with NextCycle.


Partnered with 3M to reuse vinyl film end caps, eliminating
recycling and power costs.

In our effort to create and innovate within The Vomela Companies supply chain, long-time partner 3M and Republic Services creating a cross-company committee around ESG Design and Innovation goals.

This team sought out a plan to collect and reuse plastic end caps from our consumption of 3M Adhesive Backed Vinyl Films. Internally, our SGP Improvement Team was looking to find an alternative to the typical recycling efforts by working backward in the supply chain for a waste stream solution.

Plastic end caps can be found at each end of material rolls from 3M pigmented films, vinyl, and laminates. The end caps, which are squared, provide a means to suspend, support the roll in a box. This suspension keeps the roll of material from laying on a side which would flatten or mark it. Making the material unusable.

What followed was a plan to ship the end caps back to 3M and have the production plant in Nevada, MO that manufactures the film, reuse them. In the 1st week of collection, St Paul had 19 pallets to be picked up for reuse – one pallet load is 10-20 boxes full. Going forward, the end caps will be sorted into different sizes, palletized, and shipped back. Vomela is looking to expand this recycling program across the entire network of Vomela companies adding on more products as it continues to grow. 3M is looking to prepare an impact statement for the project and remains committed to working with the Vomela Sustainability Group on future endeavors.

Stronger Together

It is in this shared values approach: the humanness of corporate life emerges and elevates us all. Together we are greater than the sum of our parts.