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Status quo to status whoa.

A print job isn’t complete until the final touches are applied, whether it’s a foil finish, a bit of embossing, or dynamic die cut that really bring your printed creation to life. Vomela Commercial Group offers a wide variety of specialized materials and print techniques that stand out from the status quo. We stay on the cutting edge of print technology and focus our development on unique substrates, coatings, and print methods. Adding specialty finishes can help protect your printed piece from fingerprints and other handling, while highlighting what makes your product unique.

Start with pulling out all the stops:

We offer a variety of substrates, coatings, and techniques to fit your project. Some of our offerings include:

  • Substrates – Paper, paperboard, plastics/synthetics, silver metalized polyester, lenticular
  • Coatings – Matte, gloss, satin, aqueous, soft touch, strike thru, spot UV
  • Techniques – Die cuts, embossing, debossing, reticulating, grit coatings, foil stamping
  • Specialty Inks – Glow in the dark, scratch off, metallic, edible inks

Types of finishes:

  • Strike Thru Dull UV Varnish – This is a method of simulating a perfect-image trap by taking advantage of the chemical reaction between varnish and coatings.
  • Spot UV Gloss Coating – This provides the additional visual stimulus of having varied textures on a single printed surface.
  • Soft Touch Coating – Adds a touch of luxury to your printed piece with a soft touch coating that adds a velvety texture.
  • Foil Stamping and Metallics – Add silver, gold, or copper foils for a more expensive look, or add holographic or textured foils for something unique.
  • Embossing and Debossing – These techniques add texture and a tactile feel to printed materials, whether used alone or in combination with other printing methods.
  • Die Cutting – Create a custom shaped book or add dimension to your piece with peekaboo cut outs.
  • Reticulating – Adds a textured look that catches the light beautifully.

Our Work

Custom Shapes and Die Cuts

Standard squares and rectangles are great, but a custom shape or cut out cuts a nice figure against the competition.

Textures and Coatings

Embossing, debossing, and coatings like soft touch add a touch of tactile drama and flair to your printed pieces.

Foils and Metallics

Nothing says luxury (or catches the light) quite like a foil stamp on your invitation or book cover.