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How products get held in the highest regard.

Whether you’re talking about boxes for chocolates or mailers designed as intricate pop-up trays, we ask, “paper or plastic?” More than just containers that hold a product, manufacturers know that packaging is the most direct form of communication with their consumers. While others mainly outsource these types of jobs, we produce our high-impact packaging in-house from start to finish.

From containers to hardly containing yourself.

  • Custom packaging designs
  • Specialty foils and metallics
  • Soft touch finishes
  • Spot UV and strike thru varnishes
  • Lenticular printing
  • Custom die cuts and folds
  • Custom prototyping
  • Sustainable materials

Types of Products

  • Packaging and custom boxes for:
    • Cosmetics
    • Electronics
    • Alcohol and spirit packaging
    • Cannabis
    • High end luxury items
    • Candles and fragrances
    • Games
    • Gifts and gift cards
    • Events
    • Celebrations
    • New employee welcome gifts
    • Non-direct food packaging
  • One piece and multipiece boxes
  • Folding cartons for packaging, trays, display boxes and dispensers
  • Custom cut outs to display product inside or add visual interest
  • Custom inserts, sleeves and closures to keep products more secure
  • Custom printed paperboard and plastic packaging
  • Litho labeled corrugated boxes
  • Packaging backerboards

Things to consider when designing packaging for your product

Protecting the product

At the end of the day, the most important role that a product package plays it to protect the product. It’s important to consider how products will be shipped and delivered, as well as how they will be displayed on a shelf. Also consider the end life of the packaging – does it need to be recycled? Consider using more sustainable materials that can protect your product in transit but lessen the load on the environment.

Packaging design

In today’s world of social media, considering the aesthetic of your packaging is vital. Your packaging should clearly convey your brand colors and messaging, but also consider what might entice customers to share a photo of your product online.

Perceived value for high-end packaging

The higher quality your packaging looks and feels, the higher the perceived value of your product. Introducing specialty substrates and printing techniques like foil stamping, laminating, and soft touch coating will bring your packaging to a higher level.

Our Work

Tool Product Packaging

Custom, litho-labeled corrugated packaging looks vibrant and is perfect for retail, product packaging, and store displays.

Custom Plastic Packaging

Synthetic substrates like this silver metalized polyester are a perfect surface for colorful branding. Add a custom die cut and fold for a unique finished look.

Custom Promotion Box

Print techniques like soft touch finishes and spot varnishes draw attention while a custom die cut can hold a booklet, flashdrive, or other small promotional item.