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If print is dead, get ready for a zombie invasion.

Screen, digital or offset press print production has never been more alive and well than here at Vomela. As one of the largest commercial and digital printers with wide format capabilities in North America, we produce virtually any product, on any timeline, within any budget. We are G7 Certified, which means we can print anything in the galaxy and meet any standards in the known universe. Well, you get the idea. And when we get the idea, we print it with precision and quality consistency every time. So call it a revolution, an evolution, or a never-really-left-us solution, print looks to be part of our commerce future. Go ahead, hit the print button.

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Digital Printing

Digital printing is a lot like the printer that sits in your very own home—but on a much larger scale. Using a digitally-based image, this method allows us to print a one-off or small quantity job quickly, cost-effectively and with complete customization.



•  Low setup costs

•  One-off to low quantity prints

•  Quick turn-around

•  Customizable, including variable data

•  High-end quality

Common Uses

Menus, point of purchase, mock-ups, one-off items, short-term signage, banners and variable data.

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Screen Printing

Screen printing uses mesh screens to transfer an image by squeegeeing ink over them. A separate screen must be prepared for each color used. More extensive setup times and added costs make this method more cost-effective for medium to large runs.



•  Long lasting durability

•  Cost-effective with higher quantities

•  Vibrant color with exact match

•  Special custom inks and materials

•  Outdoor applications

Common Uses

Banners, fluorescent and metallic inks, wayfinding, signage, store decor, aisle directories, overhead structures, vehicle and building wraps and window graphics.

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Offset Printing

Offset printing is a printing technique in which the image is transferred from a printing plate and then applied to the substrate from a rubber blanket. Because there is some setup required, it is most cost-effective when used for mid-size to larger runs.



•  Very cost-effective for mid-size to larger quantities

•  Plates can last for millions of impressions

•  High quality with greater detail

•  Special custom inks and finishes

Common Uses

Magazines, brochures, marketing collateral, stationery, signage, POP displays, packaging and backer paper.

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