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Production Lead

The Production Lead manages workflow, provides direction to the production employees for day-to-day production. The best candidates will lead by example, communicate openly, motivate and support employees, and have a team approach towards the work. The Production Lead works with the Production Supervisor to set work plans, schedule staff, coordinate business strategies, and oversee all production activities.


  • Works with the Supervisor to create and implement production schedules for shift employees.
  • Effectively utilizes their experience to train and develop employees, identifying their abilities and monitoring their progress.
  • Recommends continuous process improvements to the department and workflow and independently initiates approved improvements within the department.
  • Works with Supervisor to manage the work schedules, forecasts overtime needs to ensure jobs are completed on time.
  • Identifies issues that may detract from the efficient operations of the department and takes prompt corrective action to resolve such issues.
  • Takes action to ensure the proper maintenance of equipment essential to the operation of the department.
  • Responds to questions and concerns from employees, maintains open communications, and fosters a positive work environment.
  • Ensures and maintains safe operating procedures and compliance with all company and OSHA safety regulations and ISO 9001:2015 quality management standards.
  • Communicates and supports company policies in team meetings to all department employees.
  • Performs disciplinary action required to support company policies.
  • Keeps the Department Supervisor apprised of all matters affecting the morale of department of company employees.
  • Identifies materials required for department operations.

Skills and Experience

  • Knowledge and experience in production and manufacturing processes and techniques
  • Knowledge of raw materials
  • Managing quality systems and standards
  • Experience managing safety standards and compliance
  • Ability to execute process improvement techniques
  • Knowledge of human resource principles and practices
  • Knowledge and experience of machines and tools
  • Solid computer skills

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We are an equal opportunity employer.

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