A blank trailer is like an idle truck.

Take full advantage of fleet surfaces by wrapping them in high quality graphics! There's no better return on investment than a stunning fleet that can create thousands of positive impressions per day. Whether they're on the road or in the parking lot, fleet graphics are a great way to represent your brand 24/7.

The Vomela Transportation Group provides turnkey graphic solutions for fleets of any size. From design and engineering to production and installation, our team covers all the bases. Whether it’s a one-off specialty job or a nationwide fleet redesign, we deliver quality every time.

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As one of the largest fleet suppliers in the US, The Vomela Companies have printing and installation facilities located across the nation—making local or far-reaching rollouts seamless. Our approach is all about keeping your fleet on the move by providing a highly streamlined and synchronized process to graphic updates for any size fleet (from 1 to 10,000+).

We provide any combination of:

• Design
• Project management
• Full-size prototyping
• Material specification
• Print manufacturing
• Removal of old graphics
• Installation
• Value engineering
• Inventory management

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