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The un-convention center.

We know tradeshow booths and we specialize in unique and innovative displays. When you’re in a convention center among hundreds of booths, you need a way to cut through the crowd and catch the attention of the masses. But how? From unique materials to interesting shapes, our team of designers know how to elevate your brand to bring clients into your event space. To top it off, we have experience in producing displays that are easy to set up and take down, so that you can focus your tradeshow time on clients and connections instead of booth logistics.

Types of events

No matter the event, we can supply structures for it. We have a history of finding innovative and interesting ways to engage specific audiences, including (but most definitely not limited to):

•  Tradeshows

•  Conventions

•  Exhibits

•  Conferences

•  Pop-up shops

No trade-offs.

•  Custom structures

•  Recyclable booths

•  Animated displays

•  3D hologram displays

•  Dynamic seating

•  Charging stations

•  Multi-dimensional backdrops

•  Selfie stations

•  SEG fabric displays

•  Towers

•  Hanging and halo signs

•  Side walls

•  Product displays

•  Interactive

•  Backlit displays

How an event becomes eventful:

Create excitement around your product

People are looking for a solution – not a product. Focus on the benefits of your product and how it fills their needs. When attending a tradeshow, people are looking for the latest and greatest in the industry, so it’s important to showcase something new and exciting for your clients to discover. Showing them something they’ve never seen before will help your products stay on their mind well after the tradeshow’s over.

Utilize Hands-On Displays

Interactive elements in a booth help attract and keep attention. Create a booth that is not just informational, but an experience – clients can touch, feel, and try out your products themselves. If you give your clients this opportunity, they’ll be more likely to purchase and recommend your products to their friends and colleagues.

Have Multiple Strategic Selling Points

This is important, especially if you are bringing a big team to the show. Create separate areas in your booth that allow several conversations to happen at the same time. With a large staff, you want multiple selling stations where people won’t bump into each other the whole time. This allows clients not to feel crowded and means they’re more likely to stay at your booth longer.


Are you ready to get your next booth up and going? Contact us for a booth your clients won’t overlook or forget! 

How to Stand Out at Your Next Tradeshow.

The average trade show or exhibition hall experience typically involves a sea of very similar spaces decked out in neutral tones without anything distinguishing one from another. What can you do to ensure that your company stands out from all the others? As your print partner, Vomela can help you create an interesting, attractive display that will turn a drab exhibition into a spectacular space.




Explore graphic solutions and printing services for successful
branded environments and activations.

Super Bowl LII Host Committee

When Super Bowl 52 brought the event close to our corporate headquarters in St. Paul, MN, we partnered with the Super Bowl Host Committee as an in-kind sponsor to transform Minneapolis into a Bold North landscape.

BNP Paribas Tennis Tournament

We collaborated to bring the vibrant, historical brand to life for the event, using wall graphics, posters, silicone edge graphic displays, frames, and displays of vintage tennis rackets.

Noovie Arcade Display

Our 2D and 3D design teams created an old-school arcade cabinet out of cardboard. This allowed us to ship the box to movie theaters flat so they could assemble it themselves.