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Engineering & Prototyping

3-D Cardboard Arcade Machine

Custom Designed and Printed for Augmented Reality Experience

National Cinemedia wanted to enhance their augmented reality experience with arcade-style cardboard displays, and they wanted to promote the new tech with counter cards and backlit posters. Moviegoers can interact with the display via a smartphone app.

Our 2D and 3D design teams created an old-school arcade cabinet out of cardboard. This allowed us to ship the box to movie theaters flat so they could assemble it themselves. Structural designers started by creating a 3D model to confirm the 8-piece structure could easily be assembled on-site. To ensure flawless execution, the structure was rigorously prototyped and tested in-house. We also created an in-depth set of assembly instructions accompanied by a video.

Once the designs were approved, all of the printed materials were printed, kitted, shipped, and installed within three weeks. Noovie was able to generate buzz and create memorable impressions for their brand.