event branding

Massive small-scale impact.

Event planning is complex, and with so many things to account for, it’s easy to forget about the small things. Not only do we specialize in large event signage, booths, and wayfinding, our Vomela Commercial Group and C2 Imaging divisions can help with smaller-size details in high quantities, like event credentials, giveaways, promotional items, table tents and agendas, maps, and more.

Types of events:

•  Tradeshows and conferences

•  Sporting events

•  Arts and entertainment events

•  Retail promotions

•  Pop-up shops

Best performance in a supporting role.

•  Credentials and access passes

•  Invitations

•  Menus and table tents

•  Booklets and brochures

•  Gift bags and boxes

•  Personalized direct mail

•  Customized tickets

•  Specialty finishes like metallics, scratch-offs, glow-in-the-dark and more

•  QR codes and barcodes

•  Giveaways like water bottles, apparel, etc.

•  Custom-branded napkins, cups, etc.

How an event becomes eventful:

Any event in any industry benefits from well-done event collateral:

Retail: Turning brick and mortar into ooh and ahh. The physical retail space is as important as ever. As numbers of online shoppers continues to increase, keeping interest in interacting with the real thing is critical.

Transportation: Transport your brand from stuck in traffic to flying down the Autobahn. Fleets becoming mobile billboards. Delivery vehicles delivering your brand across town and across country.

Education: Show some school spirit. Fly the colors. From just having fun to reinforcing smart, educational messages, your campus is a blank canvas.

Healthcare: Your facility requires physical therapy. Creating positive patient outcomes begin the moment we walk through the facility door.

Banking and Finance: Deposit beautiful graphics. Withdraw brand excitement. Being home to a vault doesn’t mean we keep excitement locked up.

Arts and Entertainment: Concerts. Conventions. Sports. A sense something big is about to happen. Excitement before any tangible excitement even begins.


Wow Your Audience Before, During, and After Your Event with Clever Branding Opportunities.

If you want to plan and implement a winning event marketing strategy, it should all revolve around your audience. Attendee experience is everything, and we don’t just mean while the event is taking place! Your goal is to create anticipation and excitement before the event and continued benefits after the event.




Explore graphic solutions and printing services for successful
branded environments and activations.

Super Bowl LII Host Committee

When Super Bowl 52 brought the event close to our corporate headquarters in St. Paul, MN, we partnered with the Super Bowl Host Committee as an in-kind sponsor to transform Minneapolis into a Bold North landscape.

BNP Paribas Tennis Tournament

We collaborated to bring the vibrant, historical brand to life for the event, using wall graphics, posters, silicone edge graphic displays, frames, and displays of vintage tennis rackets.

Noovie Arcade Display

Our 2D and 3D design teams created an old-school arcade cabinet out of cardboard. This allowed us to ship the box to movie theaters flat so they could assemble it themselves.