Lowe’s Patio Furniture Custom Accordion Pricer

The Challenge

The leading retailer in home improvement products, Lowe’s, was looking for a way to update pricing signage for their patio furniture throughout the season. With multiple sales and changes in demand, the pricing can change quickly and be different depending on store location.

Their standing process for patio furniture was to print the price directly onto the pricing signage, requiring costly reprints that needed a quick turnaround when prices changed. In need of a solution, they asked their trusted partner, Pratt Visual Solutions, for help to make this process more efficient.

The Solution

Since the pricing signs sit directly on top of displayed patio furniture, the small footprint for signage was a challenge. The area was too small to use a traditional flipbook and a system like a digital ECL requires expensive software and setup. Pratt proposed the idea to affix an accordion style pricing system to the sign that would easily allow Lowe’s team members to switch out pricing at the store level. Using the expert knowledge of Vomela’s design team, the piece is custom made to fit in the tight 1” space on each sign, with convenient grips on the side to hold number pieces in place. The finished product used B-Flute corrugate for the sign and plastic extrusions for the channels.

To ensure the proposed design would work for Lowe’s needs, Pratt 3D printed a prototype. The prototype helped ensure that the custom specifications would work before entering production, preventing expensive tooling costs that can come with revisions.

The Result

Lowe’s tested the custom accordian pricing feature in one Florida-based store to see how it performed and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The new signage was rolled out to 1,730 stores, totaling over 38,000 pieces produced. They have been very happy with the final product and plan to do similar units in the future. Pratt is proud to bring high quality signage and solutions to their partners at Lowe’s.

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