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Driving Goodness

Celebrating Goodness in Motion

Rallying the transportation industry around causes of social good

Our Mission

The transportation industry is the omnipresent heartbeat of the country. Without the industry – and the millions of hardworking people it employs – our lives would be dramatically different. Vomela is committed to the connections we make every day, whether on the highway, over the radio, or through our shared commitment to social good. Driving Goodness is an effort by Vomela to align the transportation industry around a common effort to champion causes of social good.

Good People, Good Companies

The ever-changing transportation industry consists of both legacy giants and pioneering new companies that push the envelope for what is possible – including to help our communities and society as a whole. From spreading awareness on the issue of human trafficking, to providing career opportunities to veterans, to supporting the American Trucking Association through unprecedented times during the pandemic, we share the core values of  working together toward a common good. These values are consistently demonstrated through acts of heroism, patriotism, and kindness throughout the industry.