The State of California Transparency in Supply Chain Act requires that certain retailers and manufacturers post a disclosure statement that is easily accessible on their website detailing five specific topics related to slavery and human trafficking and their product supply chains.

The Vomela companies must, in accordance with the requirements of the Act, declare the means by which we verify, audit and certify any part of our product supply chain to ensure that there are no risks of human trafficking or slavery being used. Additionally, the Vomela companies are required to disclose how we maintain internal accountability and training within the Vomela companies so that any person who works directly with our product supply chain understands how to evaluate compliance and mitigate any risks within our product supply chains.

Beginning in 2015, all vendors are required by signature to declare they are in compliance with all applicable local, state and federal laws. Suppliers are also made aware that the Vomela companies will investigate any claims brought to our attention regarding the use of slavery or human trafficking which could result in the immediate and discontinued use of that supplier. Since Vomela’s inception in 1990, management has not been made aware of any of our supplier partners participating in the use of slavery or human trafficking. As a result, we have not found it necessary to participate in the following:

Engage in the verification of our supplier practices to evaluate and assess risk related to the presence of labor brokers or third party recruiters in our supply chain.

Conduct supplier audits to ensure they are in compliance with our standards for trafficking and slavery in our supply chains.

Certify that any materials used by our direct suppliers are secured in compliance with the labor laws of the countries in which they do business.

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