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5 Ways Print Can Make Your Event More Inclusive

Think about the graphics and printed items at the last event you attended. Were they easy to interpret, easy to follow, and placed appropriately? Even if all those boxes were checked for you, attendees have varying needs that some of us might take for granted.

3 Sustainable Projects to Honor Earth Month

Happy Earth Month! Throughout our history, The Vomela Companies have prioritized the importance of ESG in our operations. We’re reducing our impact on the environment in many ways, including our efforts to reduce our GHG emissions, improve waste management, and provide sustainable materials and ESG guidance to our customers.

Trending in 2024: As Employees Return, Office Spaces are Transforming

It's been said for months—hybrid work is here to stay. The emphasis on bringing employees back to the office, even part time, is leading to rejuvenated office design. But how can you breathe new life into your space and build excitement in people who might not be thrilled to come back?

Offset Vs. Digital Printing: What's Best for Your Business?

If you're looking to get a traditional print job done for your company, you'll likely choose between two printing methods: offset or digital. Both procedures result in quality results, but how do you determine which one is best for your project? 

A Look Back at Our Favorite Projects in 2023

It’s December, which means the year is almost over. We feel like it flew by! We’re thankful for all of our partners and clients that made it a great year. We’d like to take this chance to look back at some of our favorite projects from 2023.

How to Engage Gen Z with Direct Mail

The digital natives of Gen Z are no strangers to the bombardment of digital ads. Using direct mail to connect with this demographic has the power to create a relationship with consumers that they can't get online. Direct mail is a tangible, personalized message that can break through the ad noise this generation has been conditioned to avoid.

How to Create In-Person Sales with Social Media

Don’t discount the impact of social media when it comes to boosting in-person sales for brick-and-mortar retailers. Why is it important? Because these platforms are this generation's word-of-mouth marketing avenues. More than 70% of shoppers say they trust reviews and testimonials from actual customers over a brand's official information. People put a high value on the word of others (also known as "social proof").

6 Strategies to Enhance Your Visual Merchandising

Are you making the most out of visual merchandising for your retail store? What is your "looker-to-buyer" conversion rate? If you're striving to get a leg up on e-commerce competitors, you should be maximizing the effectiveness of your in-store presentation.

Getting Started with Sustainable Graphics & Signage

Every year in April we celebrate Earth Day, and it serves as a great reminder that the earth needs a little extra love. At The Vomela Companies, we are constantly working towards our ESG goals and continuing on our journey to sustainability. We are working hard to ensure we have more eco-friendly materials and processes to help our clients meet their own goals. But “green” materials are only the tip of the iceberg! Here are three tips you can utilize for your next event or printing project.

From New Tech to New Buildings – What’s Happening at Vomela

Big changes are happening at The Vomela Companies. We've undertaken moves to new facilities that allow us to work more efficiently. In addition, we're constantly improving our equipment to provide even better quality. Our most recent acquisitions continue to build our capability to deliver high-impact graphics and improve our services!

Spotlight on the Women of Vomela for Women’s History Month

Benjamin Franklin may be the most famous early American printer, but a woman printer blazed her own trail in colonial times. As publisher of the Maryland Journal and Baltimore Advertiser, Mary Katharine Goddard was outspoken in her support of American independence. Her work as editor and publisher was impressive during a time when most women did not undertake employment in trades.

"Dyeing" For Something Different? Try Dye Sublimation Printing

Dye sublimation printing should be on your radar—but most marketers aren't familiar with the process. Why is it a big deal? If you enjoy vibrant colors, sharp full-color photographs, and eye-catching graphics, it could be your new secret weapon for high-impact branding, advertising, and displays. But before you start planning, you need to understand the benefits—and yes, a few limitations—of the dye sublimation printing process.

We Are Vomela

We did a lot of growing in the last year. In case you missed any of it or you’re new to Vomela, we wanted to introduce you to our family of brands and give you a little insight into what makes each of our brands unique.

Why Retailers Embrace the Magic of Magnetic Signs

When most people think of magnetic signs, they picture interchangeable vehicle graphics. No offense to car magnets, but they're small potatoes compared to the dynamic displays Vomela produces for our clients!

Vomela and the Changing Role of Women in Printing

Claire Richards is an expert on women in printing. After all, she is one. "I've been in the printing industry for 12 years, and I grew up with industry knowledge because my dad has worked for a screen printer for a long time," she says. Richards is part of a growing statistic; women now make up 35% of Vomela's workforce across all its divisions.

Specialty Printing Guide: Die Cutting

Cutting millions of business cards into fancy shapes would take forever—unless you use die cutting. Print projects that use die cutting are unique, memorable, and are more likely to be saved from being tossed directly into the trash!

Specialty Printing Guide: Foil Stamping

If you want to add some bling to your print projects, there's nothing quite like foil stamping. Also called foiling or hot foil stamping, this finishing process elevates any print job to a luxury level. From invitations to annual reports to packaging, virtually any project can benefit from a little flash!

Specialty Printing Guide: Unusual Inks

Some of the most unique specialty printing techniques can be employed with little more than an added printing plate. Adding unusual inks to your print job packs a big punch for not much of an additional cost. These are just a few fun ideas to liven up your next project!