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Vice Presidential Debate at The University of Utah

Throwing an Event During Unprecedented Times

The University of Utah is home to a lot of big events, each of which require tremendous preparation and coordination. For the 2020 Vice Presidential Debate, things were further complicated by the Covid-19 pandemic, which presented significant restrictions to the amount of personnel who could work in an area at any given time. However, the show must go on.

Short timelines or working under the clock are nothing new in the event world. But in the unprecedented time of a global pandemic, things took an even more complicated turn. Utah leaned on an entire team of project managers at Fusion Imaging to work at all hours of the day, ensuring graphics were printed, delivered, and installed correctly while accommodating the odd working hours of Covid-19.

A comprehensive, campus-wide brand experience and activation complete with new innovative ideas like sidewalk images, printed stadium banners, and large-format window graphics. The University of Utah was able to open their doors to a broader audience and showcase what they had to offer. When it comes to coordinating any event, you want confidence in your producer partner. While the voting public was still deciding, the University of Utah chose Fusion to become a vendor in great standing.