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Re-Branding a Large Fleet of Trucks

Taking Over a Large Project Mid-Installation

Vomela Transportation Group (VTG) had the opportunity to prove our commitment to quality when Thorntons, Inc. needed a full fleet redesign and installation. With 20 tractors and 52 tanker trailers in need of work, it was no easy undertaking. Through the completion of smaller jobs, competitive offers, and engaged workers, the Vomela Transportation Group built the trust necessary to get the job done.

“We came in very competitive and were able to take over installing their ‘Rewards’ design.”

VTG Sales Representative Jamie Lukes

VTG had produced and installed the prototype tanker set using 3M 680CR-10 reflective film with 3M overlaminate. VTG got to work installing “Fountain Drink” and “Burrito” designs on 20 tractors and 52 tanker trailers.

By staying persistent and patient, VTG was able to take over the initial partially-completed tanker job. This allowed us to prove our capabilities going into the logo redesign and installation, as well as future jobs. With the new designs in place for 20 tractors and 52 tanker trailers, VTG has turned its design eye to other projects. “We are in the process of proposing options for their fleet whereby we’d install promotional, short-term graphics to advertise convenience store specials,” explains Jamie. As usual, commitment to quality has paid off.