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Privacy Graphics for Banks

Window Graphics Serving a Dual Purpose

A modern trend for workspaces is to have open and collaborative layouts, yet there are still times when privacy is needed. A great way to meet in the middle is with the use of privacy screens. An image or geometric design that reflects your brand or vision can be made in a variety of substrates depending on what it is you are looking for.

For their headquarters in Lakewood, CO, client First Bank requested conference room glass walls that were functional yet professional to improve the atmosphere of their workspace. C2 Imaging Englewood, a division of The Vomela Companies, designed barrier window graphics for privacy while incorporating creative elements unique to the location such as Pike’s Peak and Mesa Verde. By layering vinyl films – first with solid colored silhouettes on optically clear film and then using a more opaque photo or patterned graphic – we created the contrast and dimension the client wanted.