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Print Production and Graphic Design Case Studies

Case Studies

Explore graphic solutions and printing services for successful branded environments and activations
Cafeteria Education Graphics

Falcon Heights Cafeteria

When Falcon Heights Elementary School wanted to refresh their decades-old cafeteria while educating students on healthier choices, they turned to Visualz, a Vomela-owned company.

Novant Health Wall Graphics

To help patients and their physical therapists track rehab progress, the Vomela team recommended a recovery milestone wall to Novant Health.

Display Print Graphics & Signage Design

3M Back to School Command Strips

3M’s creative agency introduced a relatable and unique dorm bed concept and 3M called the Vomela Companies to bring it to life.

Qualtrics Technology Summit

Fusion produced 800 separate items for the event. Ninety percent of the work was completed within the four weeks prior to the summit.

Pueblo Academy Cafeteria

Transforming Pueblo Academy’s café included creating and installing branded banners, safety window covers, graphics, and wrapping the serving equipment, coolers, and three vehicles.

First Bank Office Graphics

A great way to meet in the middle is with the use of privacy screens. An image or geometric design that reflects your brand or vision can be made in a variety of substrates depending on what it is you are looking for.

PetCo Treat Aisle Reset

To create highly visible signage to direct dog owners to the treat aisle, Petco turned to The Vomela Companies for help.

Midwest Community Hospital

When a Midwest community hospital needed assistance in building patient engagement, they turned to Chicago-based Elk Grove Graphics, a Vomela network company, to assist them.

Thorntons Fleet Redesign

Vomela Transportation Group (VTG) had the opportunity to prove our commitment to quality when Thorntons, Inc. needed a full fleet redesign and installation.