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Building your brand in the banking and finance industry can be challenging, so here are some tools to help your company’s journey. From specific services to general suggestions, The Vomela Companies are a resource for you to make sure it is done right with the experience and qualifications to do so. With experts around the country and extensive knowledge in visual communications, we can help tell your brand story. Here are a few more reasons on why you should partner with us.

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Data Security for Personalized Email & Digital Print Campaigns

Security is one of the most important aspects for any banking or financial institution, whether at the physical location or through online services and data collection. The Vomela Companies want you to be able to trust us as much as your customers trust you. We are here to ensure the valuable information your customers give you is secure and confidential in our hands, because at the end of the day, that is what they expect.

Data Security

After working in various fields where security is vital, we have seen how our SOCII certification has benefited both sides. It has helped build strong relationships and led to long-lasting partnerships. With this extra reassurance, your attention can be focused on the project at hand.

Along with SOCII, our tri bureau credit certifications can be added to our list of security measures. Through Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax, we make sure that our data collection is coming from the most trusted and secure sources.

Choosing the right printing partner who accommodates your needs should not be difficult. When you add that to a business field that requires privacy and security with their data, that also means finding a partner with integrity behind their name. The Vomela Companies have been SOCII certified to make sure that we are giving you exactly what you envision while feeling secure in your decision.

BNP Case Study
Case Study: BNP Paribas

BNP Parabis, a worldwide banking institution, chose a Vomela Companies partner, C2 Imaging, to help them build brand awareness, show their support for tennis and make a space to entertain key customers.

With permanent suite graphics and temporary tent graphics, BNP was able to represent their brand well during the eight-day Grand Prix Super Series tournament. Although there were challenges with installation and set up, creative solutions were created quickly from our team of experts.

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Case Study: First Bank

Privacy Screens

A modern trend for workspaces is to have open and collaborative layouts, yet there are still times when privacy is needed. A way to meet in the middle is with the use of privacy screens. An image or geometric design that reflects your brand or vision can be made in a variety of substrates depending on what it is you are looking for. Check out what we did for First Bank headquarters in this case study!


First Bank Case Study
Marketing Your Brand: Multibranch Considerations

When you have multiple locations to consider in the finance and banking industry, it can be easy to fall back on a simple, generic décor. The Vomela Companies are a reliable resource, not only for printing and design, but for the services we offer throughout the project.

Common Thread

Our nationwide footprint has the ability to produce any quantity of your branded graphics. From vinyl wall graphics, to direct mail pieces or promotional fabric banners, we can ease the work along the way. This printing capacity makes it easy for you to create or maintain a common thread between your banking centers, whether it be five locations or 5,000 locations.

Keeping the visual elements similar in each branch can be an easy way to give the customer a cohesive journey with your brand.

Besides considering the decorations for your existing locations, new building or branch acquisitions are another reason for branding. Here are things to think about when welcoming a new addition or modernizing your common thread.

bank brochure booklet

Simple Process

With our easy to use, online system, orders can be placed within a few clicks. This system gives you a way to reduce waste and expenses by not having to order in mass quantities and store them until needed. We have a logistics system to make sure that each print piece ordered goes to where it is needed. This is to ensure you get what you need, where you need it, as soon as you need it.

Our online ordering system eliminates the need to start from scratch. Our end goal is to make sure you get the products and services that your company deserves.

How to Engage Your Customers With Existing Data
Collect Data

Processing The Ability To Collect Data

This could be through a third-party system or a system of your own. It should be able to give you accurate and reliable results to use for interpretation. The system should also give you extensive data from a wide variety of your customers to gain the best marketing insights possible.

Interpret Data

Knowing How To Interpret The Data

Once you obtain the data, it then comes to how you interpret the numbers and statistics. Depending on what you are planning to use them for is how they should be translated. For marketing purposes, the focus will heavily be on the patterns of customer behaviors and purchasing trends. This can help to decide when to put out certain campaigns and which channels work best for each topic or target audience. Once you have decided how to portray the data based on your needs, then decisions can be made.

Make Decisions

Using the Data Conclusions in Decision Making

You could have all the data in the world and if you do not use it properly to inform your decision-making process, it is nearly useless. Each form of marketing is unique in the way that data can be used to influence it.

Direct Mail Personalization

It Starts With Data

Are you utilizing your customer data? By using the Variable Data Printing service offered through The Vomela Companies’ network, you can take what you already have to push your marketing strategy even further. 

Make It Relevant

Creating personalized direct mail means your customers will be interested. Ultimately, this saves you the money of printing elements that just get thrown away.

Make Them An Individual

Changing the infamous ‘dear valued customer’ to their name can move your mail from the junk pile to the keep pile.

Make It Your Own

Showing that you take the time to personalize what you send to your consumers can give a face to your business beyond the transactions that are expected. Choosing from a variety of colors, textures, prints, graphics, and so much more can tell your customer your story with hardly any words at all.

Email and Mail Reminders

A simple survey after a visit or consultation at the bank can show the customer that you care about what they have to say and want to improve based on that feedback. Reminders could also be utilized to offer new services that are relevant to the customer, keeping them up to date on assistance they could be receiving from you. 

Keep It Simple

By using the ‘less is more’ mentality, you can draw the attention of your customers. Keeping the elements simple and straight to the point can intrigue the customer without being too overwhelming.

Top Marketing Content Trends for the Financial Industry

Showing Empathy

Lifestyle Imagery

Lifestyle Images

Audience Focus

Focus On The Audience

All three of these trends can be strategically intertwined, making them your “secret to success in content marketing,” says Michael Brenner in The Financial Brand. Along with the design and printing of graphics, there are other services we offer to support the finance industry as a reliable printer. Read more about what we can do to help you in this article from The Vomela Companies partner, C2 imaging!

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Large Format Printing

  • Banners (Solid and Mesh)
  • Windows
  • Projection screens
  • Fabric
  • Vinyl
  • Adhesive


  • Floor graphics
  • Direct mail
  • Custom specific designs to each location
  • Programs and pamphlets
  • Variable data printing
  • Flexible scalability based on needs
  • Secure data processing certifications

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