St. Paul, Minnesota


This is where it all began—and where it all still revolves. Our original location in St. Paul, Minnesota, represents the heart, soul, and depth of Vomela.

What began as a small die-cutting business in 1947 is now over 150,000 square feet of printing, fabricating, and warehousing space. Vomela St. Paul has a far greater printing capacity than any other Vomela group, but the true strength of the St. Paul team is its technical expertise and end-to-end project capabilities.


Vomela St. Paul’s full design staff can start a project at concept stage or enter at any point in the process to ensure stunning results and flawless execution.

Engineering and fabrication
This group’s highly technical team of experts create signage installations and prototypes of all shapes and sizes. After engineering the plans, the team performs the cutting, welding, drilling, and finish work right in St. Paul’s massive fabrication shop.

Project and print management
Corporations and agencies who need their projects done conveniently and done well trust the Vomela St. Paul team to execute every detail from start to finish.

Many of Vomela St. Paul’s clients are high-profile brand owners who demand an absolutely consistent level of quality. They find it here.

Because of this group’s deep capabilities, many highly innovative concepts become reality here.

Did you know?
The Vomela St. Paul team multiplies the capabilities of every other Vomela group. Vomela St. Paul has 5 times as many screen printing presses than any other Vomela group, and dozens more digital presses. Vomela St. Paul is a testing location for new inks. By the time these new technologies hit the market, this team has already mastered their use.

We’re ready, are you? Let’s get started.

Vomela St. Paul

Vomela St. Paul
Corporate Headquarters

274 Fillmore Avenue East
St. Paul, MN 55107

F: 651-228-2295

Vomela St. Paul

444 Fillmore Avenue East
St. Paul, MN 55107

F: 651-228-2295

Vomela St. Paul

4505 Wyland Drive
Suite 800
Elkhart, IN 46516

F: 574-522-6046

Motorsports Designs

300 Old Thomasville Road
High Point, NC 27260
F: 336-454-2222