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As long-time innovators in large-format printing, American Screen Art is trusted by some of the world’s most visible brands.

If you’ve walked past a Coke® machine, you’ve seen the work of Vomela’s American Screen Art (ASA) group. In fact, for the past 20 years, every Coca-Cola® fountain in the country has featured graphics printed by our ASA group. And beverage graphics are just the beginning—our ASA team also prints high-visibility retail and fleet signage. Known for doing exactly what they say they will, ASA is trusted with brand-critical work for the likes of McDonald’s, Pepsi, and other blue-chip companies throughout North America.



For over 20 years, ASA has been a leader in printing innovations. This Vomela group was first to introduce Tough Cal™ and Tough Hide™, both of which greatly improved the durability of beverage signage. ASA also implemented one of the first full-coverage, four-color-process fleet programs in the nation, and has led the industry in converting to environmentally friendly UV inks, among other things. Our customers know they are getting the latest and best technology with ASA.


High-profile brands demand flawless execution—and ASA has always delivered. Our full-service ASA team ensures that every fountain graphic in the country is an exact match for brand color and quality and that all graphics are installed where and when our clients need them, whether in thousands of quick-serve restaurants or on an entire fleet of trucks. You can trust this team to do no less for you.

Print Diversity

From high-quality, full-color environmental graphics, to mega-sized lenticular, reflective, contra-vision, and MagWall or MagAd graphics, ASA is one of Vomela’s most diverse groups and extends our ability to meet a wide range of needs.


Retail, fleet, and beverage-industry graphics

Distinctive graphics are key to catching a consumer’s attention in today’s crowded marketplace. ASA provides graphics of every size and shape, with a wide range of specialty options including motion, depth, reflective, and animation images.

Did you know?

ASA’s MagWall and MagAd systems allow for quick-change interior graphics.

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ASA Division

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